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A sonic map of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. App available from the iTunes store now.


The last of the Magnificent Seven, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is a magical place, an inner city wilderness and the largest urban woodland in London. These recordings have been made to listen to whilst wandering its winding paths. They are a mixture of interviews, field recording and archival recordings from the British Library.

If you can't get to the park, put on a pair of headphones, close your eyes and listen to them here.

We hope you get lost.


Lose yourself in the lost voices and forgotten layers hidden in the woodland, all waiting to be heard.

See if you can hear the invisible chapel, meet Rabbit who catches bats and Christopher who got lost at sea.
Charlie Brown had a pub full of monkeys and the largest funeral the East End had ever seen.
Hear tales of surviving doodlebugs and playing with shrapnel, and a circle of horses who snuffle in your ears.
These are just some of the 28 intimate, audio portraits waiting for you in the park.



Look out for those golden rats.

Transport to Tower Hamlets 
Cemetery Park, E3 4PX
Tubes: Mile End and Bow Road. 
Buses: D6, D7, D8, 25, 277, 323, 339

The cemetery park is open 24 hours 
a day, every day of the year.


Produced by Jo Morris and Susanna Grant.
All original music by Darren Hayman.

Many thanks to Cheryl Tipp at the British Library's National Sound Archive and to Ken and his team for making the cemetery park the place it is.


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